The Accordingly Weeping Performer - He Was A Friend Of Mine


Motor failure

Went out with our small motorboat today. It was a warm sunny day. And I planned to got do some fishing. But that was easier said then done. First the engine would not start. Low battery. So I had to dismount my car battery. To get the boat engine up and running. So I finally got out on the water. Went to my favourite (secret) fishing spot. Almost went there, Then there was the second problem of the day. The engine stopped another time. Just before I reached my destination. And guess what? No not the battery. Even more alimentary... ...


Almost time to go and get some blood drawn, to see what my thyroid is up to...its been lazy, not doing anything on its own, and thats not good. However, while its about to be waken, or start to do what its meant to do, function, IM super tired, and probably extra grumpy and unmotivated. The body is fantastically made, but when its not working the way it need to, things get messy and hard. And its not easy to always figure exactly what is wrong and what is needed...well we shall see what the test results will be today..